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Handy management of your home projects.

Your list is my command.

What we do for you
We handle all aspects of your home maintenance, organization projects, and to-do lists that you have no time for, or interest in doing.
How we do it
We listen, do research, give you options, and get things done. At work you call in an assistant. At home, you call us.
The Results
Running a company and raising a family leaves precious little time for house stuff. Mike deals with it all. It’s so freeing!
Shawn, Owner/Executive Producer
Mike understands design and construction, is a great communicator, and he works well with my crew. He’s an ideal intermediary between my clients and myself.
Mike , Contractor
You could do all the searches and calls, go to all the stores, meet with all the prospective vendors… Or you can call TTD. Thank you Mike.
David, Catering Owner
Now, when anything needs to be fixed or organized, I just call Mike and it’s done. One call for everything! It’s the best!
John, Web Entrepreneur
I received this service as a gift and I’ve used it ever since!
Ross, Casting Director


Bringing you freedom and peace of mind with options that are more than just handy!

If you don’t see the help you’re looking for, contact us and let’s talk!

The List

#1 Request - This is all of those little things in and around your home that need fixing or doing. It’s long and it’s random. Simply give it to us and we’ll take care of it.

Home Guides

AKA "House Bibles" - Keep your contacts, network info, manuals, and personalized quick reference guides for all of your household items in one convenient book.

Home Tune-Up

One-time, or scheduled maintenance visits tailored to your needs. Think: gutters, house wash, filters, and major appliance care. Seasonal decorations too!


You can’t always be there when your contractor, designer, or maintenance team would like. We can, and we’ll keep everyone informed and on track.


We recruit, conduct interviews, handle hiring and dismissals, do quality control, and bring out the very best in your home maintenance team.

Project Management

We research, plan, and execute your project from start to finish. Past projects include; gyms, networks, security, storage, home studios and theaters.

What We Do

Large estate owners, and owners of multiple properties often have a butler or house manager to keep things in order and running smoothly - And, that is what we’ll do for you. We’re on-call, paid hourly, and ready to help with just about anything. There’s no to-do list that is too mundane, or home project that is too large in scale for us to handle. We’ll take those things off your plate, present solutions, and make it happen.

It’s such a relief - When all the boxes are checked and there’s time for something that isn’t on a list - When you can be in your home feeling relaxed and satisfied because everything’s fixed, looks great, and functions at it’s best. We love bringing that feeling to our clients. We truly enjoy getting things done, doing them well, and seeing the positive impact that our services have on others.

Our job is to understand your ideas, tastes, needs, and goals. When we do, no request is too small – Everything becomes an important detail.


You’ll find all of our services under one of these two categories.

Choose yours and Let’s talk!

Handy Work

$25 / Hour

Let’s talk!
  • The List
  • Home Guides
  • Home Tune-Up
  • Research & Admin
  • Shopping & Errands

Manage Work

$50 / Hour

Let’s talk!
  • Liaison
  • Staffing
  • Project Management
  • Design & Plan
  • Oversight